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Automatic Enrollment: It’s a Win-Win

Seeking to attract and retain talent with a competitive retirement plan? Adding an auto enrollment plan feature can help you do just that. Auto enrollment greatly increases participation rates and helps financially prepare employees so they can afford to retire comfortably. We know you care for your employees' well-being and want to lead by example by doing the right thing. Now's the time to learn more about auto enroll and its numerous benefits to you and your organization!

Continue below to conveniently access trusted advice, industry research and timely information. GuideStone is here to answer your questions and provide the details you need to make an informed decision that benefits your organization.

How can auto enrollment positively impact your organization?

Hear from organizations just like yours:

"Prior to automatic enrollment, we had around 50% participation. Since implementing auto enroll, we've maintained a participation rate of more than 90%. The professional support from GuideStone — both their people and their literature — has been excellent."

— Hendrick Medical Center, Abilene, Texas

"Auto enrollment communicates to our employees how important it is to start saving for retirement now. These features have helped our employees gradually reach a contribution percentage typically recommended by financial planners, and it has made it easier for them to reach their savings goals. Employees view us as a stronger advocate for their financial future."

— Mission Aviation Fellowship, Nampa, Idaho

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