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Welcome to GuideStone Financial Resources!

As a new participant with GuideStone we want you to know that there are some great resources available at your fingertips. The following steps will help you access your account and become acquainted with our services.

Three easy steps to help you take control of your retirement savings!

First step — Visit and bookmark www.GuideStone.org.

You can find news, updates and general information on our homepage. Throughout the rest of the site we offer more specific information to help you with retirement planning, insurance questions and other financial issues.

Second step — Log on to MyGuideStone™.

At MyGuideStone, GuideStone's online account information system, you can see personalized charts, view and make changes to your account, and reference recent fund performance.


If you have never had an account with GuideStone before, then please go through our account registration process and create a User ID and Password; then use that information to log in.  If you already have an account estabished with us, then go to the login screen and enter your User ID and Password.

Third step — Contact GuideStone for further solutions.

We can serve many of your financial needs. New participants often try to make retirement planning less complicated by consolidating other retirement accounts to GuideStone. Now is a great time to take that step!

We can help you consolidate by filling out forms, calling other companies for you and walking you through every step of the way. For personal assistance, call us at 1-888-98-GUIDE (1-888-984-8433).