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GuideStone's Ministers and Chaplains Retirement Plan

The Ministers and Chaplains Plan is a 403(b)(9) retirement plan designed for chaplains and self-employed ministers.

Who can participate?

If you are self-employed as a minister or employed as a chaplain and your income comes from one of the following sources, you are eligible for the plan:

  • Self-employment income as reportable on Schedule C of your Form 1040.
  • W-2 income from a for-profit or non-501(c)(3) employer.
  • W-2 income from a 501(c)(3) employer with whom you do not share common religious bonds and convictions.
  • Wages from a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces for service as a chaplain.

Tax advantages

  • Rollovers from other eligible retirement plans or Traditional IRAs are possible without tax consequence.
  • Earnings on all contributions and rollovers are tax-deferred.
  • Earnings on Roth elective deferral contributions can be withdrawn tax-free within legal limits.
  • Retirees who are Ministers for Tax Purposes may request a designation of retirement benefits as a tax-free housing allowance within legal limits.

Other benefits

  • Christian-based, socially screened investment options.
  • Multiple payment options for distributions and retirement benefits.
  • Potentially higher contributions limits.
  • GuideStone’s world-class customer service and extensive ministerial experience.
  • Age 70½ distributions not required for inactive plans rolled over to an active GuideStone plan.

How to enroll

Use our online enrollment tool to determine eligibility or enroll in the Ministers and Chaplains Plan. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.