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Answers from the experts

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How do I know which fund is appropriate for me?

Choosing your funds is an important decision, and factors such as your time horizon and risk tolerance will impact it. To help you make the best decision for your personal situation, please view our fund choices page.

How much do I contribute?

The right contribution amount for you can vary based on factors such as age, distance from retirement and current retirement savings. GuideStone offers a retirement plan savings calculator that can help you tailor a contribution percentage that fits you. Keep in mind that every situation is unique and you may need to contribute more or less than the estimated results.

Who will be managing my investments?

GuideStone Funds utilizes a “multi-manager” investment approach which provides access to multiple, proven investment management firms within a single investment fund. These world-class investment management firms utilized by GuideStone Funds have a specific purpose in each fund and are carefully selected based on a rigorous process utilizing both qualitative and quantitative analysis. This allows for diversification of investment styles which can lower your risk.

What kind of companies will my money be invested in?

Investments are not permissible in any company that is publicly recognized (as determined by GuideStone) as being in the liquor, tobacco, gambling, pornography, or abortion industries or any company whose products, services or activities are publicly recognized as being incompatible with the moral and ethical posture of GuideStone.

Is my retirement account safe?

By investing in mutual funds, like those offered by GuideStone Funds, investors have the benefit of investment diversification in a large number of companies that operate in a wide range of industries. In fact, mutual fund regulations limit the amount that a diversified mutual fund can invest in any one company.

While this diversification will not eliminate the possibility of investment loss, it does limit investors’ financial exposure to the performance of any individual company in which the Funds invest. GuideStone’s multi-manager investment approach provides an additional level of diversification by providing access to multiple carefully selected world-class investment management firms within a single investment fund. Read more about our manager-of-managers philosophy.

Can I roll money over from another plan?

Yes. You can roll money into your retirement account from other 403(b) or 401(k) plans or from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). With a direct rollover or a transfer of assets, you can consolidate your investments with no adverse tax consequences. Learn more or get started with a rollover.

What's the danger of withdrawing my funds prior to retirement age?

The IRS places restrictions and penalties on early distributions (withdrawals). GuideStone withholds a mandatory 20% income tax on any tax-sheltered accumulations withdrawn that are not directly rolled over to another retirement plan or IRA. However, participants may owe more or less than amounts withheld depending on their personal tax liability. A participant may also be subject to a 10% penalty for amounts withdrawn prior to attaining age 59½. Contact us for specific information, including a list of exceptions to the penalty tax.

What do I look for when comparing earnings from different funds?

In general, be sure you compare funds with similar investment strategies. For example, don't compare the earnings of a fixed-income fund to the earnings of an aggressive-growth stock fund. The results from doing so could be very misleading.