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Rollovers, investment exchanges, contract exchanges and plan-to-plan transfers

A rollover is a distribution from an IRA or an employer-sponsored retirement plan that is reinvested in another IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan. Watch our brief video to learn more and roll over today.

An investment exchange is a movement of retirement assets between 403(b) investment providers within the same plan both occupying a "payroll slot" with the employer where contributions, earnings and tax basis amounts are maintained. 

A contract exchange is a movement of retirement assets between a 403(b) investment provider (with a payroll slot) and a 403(b) vendor (who does not occupy a payroll slot) within the same plan where contributions, earnings and tax basis amounts are maintained. 

plan-to-plan transfer is a movement of retirement assets from one employer's 403(b) plan to another employer's 403(b) plan where contributions, earnings and tax basis amounts are maintained.

You can make a rollover, investment exchange, contract exchange* or plan-to-plan transfer into your GuideStone retirement plan if you are any one of the following:

  • A participant with a retirement account balance with GuideStone.
  • Eligible to receive or are receiving a benefit from GuideStone.
  • In active service with a participating employer (if you are eligible, but not participating in a GuideStone retirement plan, you will need to enroll).

*In order to complete a contract exchange, your employer must have, or must enter into, an Information Sharing Agreement with GuideStone.

What are the advantages of moving your money to your current employer-sponsored retirement account at GuideStone?

  • Continued tax-deferred growth.
  • Variety of investment choices.
  • Plan loans may be available.
  • No custodial fee.
  • No minimum investment requirement per fund.
  • Flexible distribution options based on plan provisions.
  • Required distributions at age 70½ can be delayed if you are still working.
  • Distributions may be eligible for a minister’s housing allowance exclusion.


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Rollover to your GuideStone 403(b)  from a 403(b), 401(k) or IRA.
Incoming Contract Exchange or Plan-to-Plan Transfer from another 403(b).
Watch a brief video  about rollovers and how to take action today.