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Questions regarding your retirement accounts

What do I need to look for when I compare earnings of different investment funds?

Be sure you compare funds with similar investment strategies. Don’t compare the earnings of a fixed-income fund to the earnings of an aggressive-growth stock fund. Compare apples to apples. And remember, at GuideStone, earnings posted to your account are net of expenses and won’t be reduced by a load when you begin receiving benefit payments.

What types of companies will my money be invested in?

Investments are not permissible in any company that is publicly recognized (as determined by GuideStone) as being in the liquor, tobacco, gambling, pornography, or abortion industries or any company whose products, services or activities are publicly recognized as being incompatible with the moral and ethical posture of GuideStone. The funds may not be able to take advantage of certain investment opportunities due to these restrictions.

Who will be managing my investments?

The advisor to the investments funds contracts with a number of investment management firms from around the world. This allows for diversification of investment styles which can lower your risk. Other investment funds typically have just an individual or small group directing their investment strategy.