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Designing a Strong Retirement Plan

Preparing Employees Today for Retirement Tomorrow

Through a healthy retirement plan, employers play a vital role preparing employees for a successful future. GuideStone supports your efforts to encourage retirement readiness among employees.

We specialize in:

Meeting Plan Goals and Objectives

Our team of professionals can help you establish a strategic plan with clear objectives. Organizations that offer successful plans typically:

  • Help employees save well so they can retire with financial security
  • Provide essential retirement offerings to remain competitive in their marketplace
  • Offer best-in-class benefits to attract and retain talent

Did you know? According to industry standards, plan success entails:

  • 90% employee participation
  • 15% minimum contribution between the employer and employee
  • 90% of employees invested in an appropriate asset mix

Engaging Employees through Plan Design and Automatic Features

GuideStone provides a variety of retirement plans competitive in both cost and performance. Built-in plan incentives — such as automatic enrollment, matching and vesting opportunities — help implement best practices to increase employee engagement.

  • Automatic Enrollment — Auto-enroll keeps employees in the plan — very few opt out.
  • Matching — An employer-sponsored match motivates employees to stay on track.
  • Vesting — A vesting schedule helps boost retention and reduce plan costs.

Driving Employee Participation and Tracking Results

We offer convenient online resources and in-person appointments to promote retirement planning within your organization. With GuideStone, you can confidently:

  • Evaluate employee engagement and look for opportunities to promote plan resources
  • Conduct annual plan evaluations to accurately measure performance and gauge success