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Employee or Self-Employed?

Can I roll money over from another plan?

Yes. You can roll money into your retirement account from other 403(b) or 401(k) plans or from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). With a direct rollover or a transfer of assets you can consolidate your investments with no adverse tax consequences. If you want to do a rollover from another plan, contact a GuideStone customer relations specialist for a rollover form.

Does my participation in the Ministers and Chaplains Plan have any impact on my ability to participate in another retirement plan?

If you are a self-employed minister or chaplain participating in both the Ministers and Chaplains Plan and another retirement plan, your participation in the Ministers and Chaplains Plan may impact your contribution limits in the other retirement plan. However, if your other retirement plan is a United States military plan then your participation in the Ministers and Chaplains Plan might have no impact upon your contribution limits to the military plan. Please contact your legal advisor or the appropriate persons who deal with your other retirement plan to discuss how to coordinate contributions with your other retirement plan.

How do I enroll in the retirement plan?

Complete an Enrollment Application and Salary Reduction AgreementSubmit both forms to your employer’s human resources or personnel office. For Church Retirement Plan participants, return these forms to the person responsible for your retirement plan.

Should I use GuideStone’s retirement plan or some other investment plan?

GuideStone retirement plans are treated for tax purposes as tax-sheltered annuities and offer features and benefits unavailable with other investments. Contributions to a retirement account at GuideStone can be tax-deferred or tax-paid.

  • While you may be able to deduct contributions to an IRA, limits on those contributions are usually much lower than limits on retirement plan contributions.
  • Earnings on your retirement account at GuideStone are tax-deferred; with most other investments you must pay taxes each year on the earnings.

You can receive a participant loan from a retirement plan with the interest you pay going back into your account. This is not available with all investment plans.

Who profits from my involvement in the plan?

GuideStone is a non-profit organization designed exclusively for ministers and employees of churches and institutions. Our main objective is to build the value of your retirement account. We’re here for your benefit because we have no profit motive and no competing interests. Our bottom line is to help you strive toward your retirement goals.