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GuideStone offers helpful resources for non-participants

GuideStone makes a number of resources such as our calculators and wellness information available at no cost to participants and non-participants alike. While much of the material is directed toward those contributing to a retirement plan, other useful information such as estate planning tips, market analysis and general health tips are available to anyone.

Employees can also visit our tools and education page for one-click access to several resources. They’ll find articles, interactive tools, and retirement planning forms and worksheets to help them stay on track toward a comfortable financial future.

Some of the information might be just the nudge that’s needed to get employees interested in learning more about the benefits you offer, such as your retirement plan.

This information should not be considered tax or legal advice. GuideStone stands ready to assist your organization as you work with your legal and tax advisers by providing resource information that you and your adviser may find beneficial.